Manufacturing software training tutorials and guides

These manufacturing software training learning guides and tutorials help IT managers select, implement, integrate and optimize their manufacturing ERP, SCM, MES, PLM and other software.'s learning guides and tutorials are designed to help manufacturing IT professionals get the most out of their ERP, SCM, MES, PLM and other software systems. Our guides include introductions to the various types of manufacturing technology, manufacturing software training, software implementation best practices, software user case studies and more. Feel free to drop us an e-mail if you'd like us to cover other manufacturing IT subjects in a learning guide or tutorial.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) modules guide (
ERP software works on a daily basis to analyze and organize data in manufacturing. These complex software systems are composed of a number of software modules. In this guide to ERP modules and software, read about the different software that makes up ERP, including SCM, CRM, asset management, warehouse management, project management, order management, inventory management and more.

Guide to systems integration with ERP (
ERP systems work best when integrated with other software systems within a manufacturing organization. This allows the ERP software to access data from all levels of the business and produces the most accurate data possible. In this guide to systems integration with ERP, you'll learn how to integrate ERP with other manufacturing software systems, including SCM, CRM, MES, BI, PLM, BPM, GIS and more.

Supply chain management (SCM) modules guide (
Supply chain management (SCM) software touches every level of the production process. Manufacturers use SCM in each step, from planning and materials management to assembly and order fulfillment to shipping and tracking. In this guide to SCM modules and software, you'll find introductions to the various components of SCM systems, including planning, execution, visibility, forecasting, reporting, transportation and logistics and more.

Green supply chain management guide (
Interest in environmentally sustainability -- or “going green” -- has skyrocketed in recent years. Manufacturers have responded by investing more time and money into initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint, cut production waste and improve the environmental efficiency of their supply chains. In this green supply chain management (SCM) guide, you’ll find tips for selecting green SCM software, learn some green SCM best practices, discover how to use green SCM in manufacturing and read advice for building a sustainable supply chain.

Manufacturing RFID guide (
In this guide, discover the basics of RFID, what it does and how to build a business case for it. Learn how RFID can be used with SAP and how other companies have integrated the two. Get familiar with common RFID problems and challenges, such as measuring your company's readiness for RFID. Learn how RFID fits into supply chain management (SCM), how to integrate RFID and SCM and the benefits of SCM RFID integration.

Warehouse management system software guide (
Ensuring that raw materials and finished products move smoothly throughout the warehouse is key to manufacturing success. A good warehouse management system (WMS) can help make this be achieved. In this guide to warehouse management system software, learn how manufacturers can benefit from WMS, find tips for WMS project planning, read WMS vendor evaluation best practices and discover success strategies for WMS implementation and training.

Supply chain risk management software guide (
Supply chains are ever-changing entities, and the possibility of supply chain disruption is always present. Manufacturers can plan for and react to problems with supply chain risk management (SCRM) software. In this supply chain risk management software guide, learn the benefits of SCRM software, discover SCRM software FAQs, get familiar with SCRM management best practices and read how to get started with spend management software.

Guide to building a manufacturing ERP business case (
Justifying an ERP software investment can be difficult for companies facing cost cuts and a bad economy. When done correctly, however, ERP is worth the price. In this guide to making a manufacturing ERP business case, learn how ERP works in manufacturing, find out how ERP differs from MRP, read ERP software selection and ROI evaluation best practices and discover how Software as a Service (SaaS) ERP works.

Manufacturing ERP case studies and examples (
ERP systems are an expensive and resource-consuming investment. It is critical to have an ERP implementation plan in place to ensure that the software is installed with the greatest benefit and the least cost. In these manufacturing ERP case studies and examples, you'll find tips for creating your ERP implementation plan and assembling an implementation team, discover common ERP best practices and pitfalls and read answers to manufacturing ERP implementation FAQs.

How to build a business case for RFID (
Companies that have deployed RFID to better manage their supply chain have yet to see any real documented ROI. Still, these same companies are finding value in the technology's capabilities. In this guide, learn what RFID is and its potential for your business. Read tips for selecting RFID technology and integrating it with ERP systems. Discover how other companies are using RFID technology. Find out why RFID adoption in manufacturing has been slow and how to determine the ROI of RFID.

Guide to business intelligence for manufacturing (
In this guide, readers will find tips and best practices for getting started with business intelligence (BI) software. Learn BI software selection strategies and find definitions for common BI terms. Find tips for building a BI business case and determining the ROI of a BI implementation. Read best practices for BI tools evaluation. Discover BI project planning strategies and read case studies of BI implementation projects.

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