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Strategy management, profitability modeling eyed by CPM tool users

Corporate performance management systems are mostly used for forecasting, planning and budgeting. But many CPM tool users want to expand into other areas, based on survey results.

Strategy management, profitability modeling eyed by CPM tool users

CPM tool, strategy management, profitbaility modeling
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A majority of the surveyed companies that had deployed or planned to adopt corporate performance management (CPM) software want to get more out of their CPM tools than just forecasting, budgeting and planning. According to the survey results, 62% of CPM adopters said that their organizations were using or looking to take advantage of their CPM systems for strategy management, and 67% reported usage of or interest in the profitability modeling and optimization capabilities provided by CPM tools.

Historically, CPM software has been used primarily by finance workers for budgeting purposes. Not much has changed in that regard yet: Most CPM tool adoption starts because a business wants to improve its financial management process. But CPM software doesn’t need to be strictly a finance department tool, according to industry analysts who offered a variety of tips on expanding a CPM system for enterprise CPM uses.

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