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Supply chain management (SCM) RFID guide

Learn how RFID and supply chain management (SCM) work together in this SCM RFID guide. Get your SCM RFID questions answered, learn the pros and cons of RFID in supply chain management and read about SCM and RFID integration.

Learn how manufacturers are using supply chain management (SCM) and RFID together to improve supply chain visibility. Discover tips for getting started with SCM RFID integration and find answers to common integration questions.

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Supply chain management (SCM) RFID guide

Integrating your supply chain management (SCM) system with RFID can be a challenging project. Before getting started, find answers to some common SCM RFID questions.

RFID was a popular buzzword a few years ago, but growth of SCM RFID integration in manufacturing has been slow. One of the biggest -- and, if successful, most rewarding -- challenges posed by this technology is SCM RFID integration.

As more manufacturers are adding RFID to their SCM systems, improvements in sensor technology are innovating the way products are tracked through the supply chain. Some of the latest advances in RFID and GPS technology are already improving SCM by allowing for better parts and equipment, more management, increased security and enhanced fleet management capabilities.

For more information on integrating RFID and SCM:

RFID reshapes supply chain management : Learn how to plan for an RFID SCM integration project and test RFID technology before purchasing. Get familiar with the different types of RFID tags and read about the EPCglobal standards for RFID chip encoding.

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