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CPM software out of the shadows: Tips on taking advantage of CPM tools

Corporate performance management (CPM) software isn’t a hot new technology, so it can easily get lost in the shuffle of highly-touted emerging technologies like mobile business intelligence and “big data” analytics tools. However, old doesn’t necessarily mean outdated, and companies would be wise to consider leveraging CPM software and techniques to improve the quality of their business operations, according to Evan Levy, co-founder of Baseline Consulting and now head of consulting services at SAS Institute Inc.’s DataFlux subsidiary.

“The value of performance management -- it isn’t just about growing [a business],” Levy said in a video interview with SearchBusinessAnalytics.com. “It’s also about, ‘How can I retreat from areas where I’m not as profitable?’ It’s knowing the right data to use [to make business decisions] and making it easily visible.”

In the 11-minute interview with Levy, viewers will learn why it’s important for businesses to measure metrics they can act upon and will get tips for spreading CPM technology outside of the finance group within an organization.

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