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Tools and strategies for managing an Oracle hybrid cloud

Like most ERP vendors, Oracle is moving aggressively into the cloud -- and trying to entice users there, too. But the reality for most will be an Oracle hybrid cloud setup that combines on-premises and cloud applications.

Designing and managing an Oracle hybrid cloud architecture can be a complex task, one that is high on the mind of Sunder Singh, head of the global Oracle practice for Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), which is based in Mumbai, India. Singh discussed Oracle hybrid cloud strategies at the Oracle OpenWorld conference in San Francisco.

"As cloud is picking up, [and] Oracle is also pushing cloud very heavily, we realized that customers would move from on-prem to cloud," Singh said. "Now, will that be lock, stock and barrel in one go? Absolutely [not]. They're going to test the waters."

A hybrid environment raises a host of issues with integrating business processes and data. Companies moving to an Oracle hybrid cloud are especially concerned with keeping their end-to-end processes intact, according to Singh.

TCS offers a cloud-adoption toolkit that includes prebuilt configurations and automated software testing.

"We've taken the tools that we had on-prem, moved them to cloud, moved them to PaaS [platform as a service], made it cloud-enabled [and] bundled it together so that we are ready for these kinds of hybrid architectures and deployments," Singh said.

Oracle provides some of its own integration tools, and has moved its service-oriented architecture to the cloud. "However, there are still APIs and white spaces for integrating with both Oracle and non-Oracle workloads," Singh said. "Oracle adapters [and] integrators will work great with Oracle products. What about the non-Oracle part of it? And how do I take the composite to the cloud?"

Singh concluded by reiterating advice regarding what to keep on premises from an article he wrote, titled "Hybrid cloud management: What every CIO needs to know."

"Can I move everything to cloud? If I cannot, then the key aspect is what differentiates my business." Companies should focus on customer-facing systems when deciding what to do. "Move them to SaaS [software as a service] cloud very quickly," he said.

Security is another critical issue in an Oracle hybrid cloud, according to Singh. For example, organizations can lose their single sign-on capability when they move some processes to the cloud.

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