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Optimize the warehouse with the Infor WMS module of its SCM suite

Offered with the Supply Chain Execution suite, the Infor WMS module lets companies across a range of verticals manage warehouses and inventory based on sales peaks and valleys.

Infor Supply Chain Execution combines warehouse management with transportation management, labor management and third-party logistics billing into a single application on a unified database. The goal of these systems is to enable decision-makers and managers in the warehouse and elsewhere on the supply chain to make decisions in the full context of what is immediately going on around them.

By linking related supply chain functions and extending this linkage into manufacturing and financial systems, Infor delivers a suite of software that addresses functional areas throughout the company. There is a warehouse management system (WMS) module within Infor's supply chain software suite.

Infor Supply Chain Execution assists warehouse management

The Infor WMS module provides comprehensive functionality for the warehouse. The system covers picking, packing, shipping, receiving and putaways, as well as order processing, inbound quality control and value-added services, such as light assembly work for orders. Infor WMS is configurable for a variety of different warehousing needs such as third-party logistics (3PL) warehousing, wholesaling, omnichannel and others. This enables companies to select between different methods of picks and putaways that best fit their warehouse operations. The system also interfaces with a broad array of mobile technology that ranges from radio frequency and voice support to smartphones and handheld units. The system supports carrier compliance labeling, cartonization of goods and advanced goods kitting operations.

The Infor WMS software features a warehouse director, which helps streamline management of work volumes, warehouse locations and inventory levels. The system uses an iPad app that enables managers to zoom to overviews of the warehouse floor. It also features color-coded metrics that aid in the visualization of incoming and outgoing workloads.

The latest release of Infor Supply Chain Execution Suite is available in both on-premises and cloud-based versions. One new function for the Infor WMS module includes 3PL billing and labor management enhancements. The latest release also features dynamic slotting, which enables warehouse managers to reconfigure the warehouse based on product velocity changes. A new inbound quality control function allows warehouse personnel to sample and perform quality tests on inbound goods and track results.

Who benefits most from using Infor Supply Chain Execution?

Infor has tailored the Supply Chain Execution Suite to meet the needs of a broad cross-section of industries, such as the automotive, hospitality and the aerospace and defense industries. The companies that benefit most from it are those looking for a highly integrated software suite that can run entire supply chains, including the warehouse. Customized versions of the product exist for industries such as food and beverage, consumer goods, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, distribution, logistics, high tech and electronics and automotive.

Infor deploys its Supply Chain Execution software as a hosted infrastructure as a service on the Amazon Web Services cloud platform. Companies also have the option of deploying Supply Chain Execution Suite on premises.

Infor's implementation, training and support services for its Supply Chain Execution software are as flexible and customizable as its systems. The company offers subject matter experts for different industry verticals who can assist companies with best practices in system implementations, whether the focus of work is provisioning and system implementation or performance management and tuning. Infor also offers a variety of managed services options that range from end-to-end systems support to support for only certain aspects of deployment, such as post-production systems, process monitoring or data lifecycle management. This flexibility allows companies to pay for only the support levels that they want and to take advantage of skills that they might already have on staff.

Infor technical support is available 24/7, year-round. Infor added to its support strength in May 2016, when it acquired Merit Globe AS, a consulting service provider for Infor across Europe.

In addition to technical and consulting support, Infor clients have instant access to software patches, customer communities and a knowledge base with over one million articles and topics. There is an assortment of training options that companies can choose from as well. Infor offers both technical and application training for system implementation, new release functionality and ongoing basic needs. The training can be online, onsite or at a proximate physical Infor location.

Infor offers Supply Chain Execution on a per-subscription basis in the cloud or under a licensing agreement for companies choosing to implement an on-premises system.

Infor does not offer free trials of its system, but it does provide system demos upon request.

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