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Synergis aims to provide proficient PLM tool with Adept PDM

Adept PDM, a scalable PLM tool from Synergis, may allow enterprises to manage product data throughout the entire product lifecycle.

The product lifecycle management (PLM) tool from Synergis, Adept PDM, is meant to help companies find, manage, share and control all SolidWorks product data and related engineering documents throughout the product lifecycle. It provides secure access to critical assets and helps automate business and engineering processes. Adept PDM is designed to provide accessible and centralized information that facilitates more informed business decisions, cost reductions and competitive advantage. It is an on-premises system that runs in the following Windows operating system environments: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 (32/64-bit editions).

Synergis's PLM tool consists of six key modules:

  1. Adept Desktop is a full-featured Adept client for users who need to create and modify documents, and for those administering the Adept system. Adept Desktop is an easy-to-deploy, Windows Desktop client providing all of Adept's capabilities from a single, easy-to-use interface. Adept Desktop users can create, modify and view documents, and have full access to Adept's powerful computer-aided design (CAD) integrations. Among its many capabilities, Adept Desktop allows administrators to import documents, add users and groups, control permissions, and create and modify workflows.
  2. Another key module of Adept PDM is the thin Web client, Adept Explorer. This module is designed for users who need to access documents and information stored in Adept, primarily in a read-only mode. It complements Adept's full-featured desktop client, offering a simplified interface that allows users to find, view, print, redline, assign and copy documents based on their permissions in Adept. Adept Explorer provides the same powerful viewing capabilities found in the desktop client for AutoCAD, Inventor, SolidWorks, Word, Excel, PDF, TIF and hundreds of other formats. Adept Explorer users can view version information, file relationships, the status of a workflow and the audit trail of any document throughout its lifecycle. This module is a great fit for read-only users in purchasing, manufacturing, maintenance, sales, marketing and outside vendors.
  3. Built on the Adept Explorer platform, Adept Reviewer is a module of Adept PDM that adds full workflow participation to the Adept Web client experience. With Adept Reviewer, users can approve, reject, reject to previous step, reject to originator, re-route to a new workflow, and expedite approve and reject, add comments and more. Email notification and time-based alerts are supported. Adept Reviewer also allows users to edit metadata in an Adept Library Card, including the new rich text format memo tab. Adept Reviewer licenses are concurrent, and Adept Explorer users may upgrade to Adept Reviewer for a fee.
  4. PublishWave is an optional add-on program for the PLM tool. It enables single or batch mode printing to hard copy and publishing to PDF or TIF formats directly from the Adept application. PublishWave delivers high fidelity, native application output quality -- without having to open a file in its native application. It is well-suited for organizations that require tighter control over their output or automated PDF and TIF generation when a change to a document has been made or approved.
  5. A premium option for vault replication is the Adept PDM module, Adept Vault Replication with Binary Differencing. When an administrator enables binary differencing, only the changes between files -- not the entire file -- are replicated to other sites. Binary differencing makes replication transfers much faster, while using significantly less network bandwidth. Its performance improvements will especially benefit organizations replicating vaults that contain 2D drawings or 3D models and collaborating online across sites.
  6. Related Fields is a new module that enables sites to create a series of dependent relationships between Adept data fields, making hierarchical searching and data entry fast, easy and error free. It's designed for any client who needs a rapid way for users to enter data in a uniform manner across the enterprise, improving efficiency and data quality.

The Desktop client is the foundational "module" and the Web clients -- either Explorer or Reviewer -- are optional and available at a lower per-license cost. PublishWave and Related Fields are likewise optional modules that can be added at an additional charge.

Synergis typically issues new releases of its PLM tool on an annual basis, with service packs delivered throughout the year. The present version is Adept 2015, which delivers improvements in company work performance, easier and faster access to mission-critical work and more tools that allow global collaboration. Key enhancements are increased software performance, simplified administration, global usability and an enriched end-user experience.

Companies in process and discrete manufacturing; and utilities, engineering and construction are the largest verticals; however, there are also companies in government, aerospace and defense, medical devices and pharmaceuticals that use the product. Adept PDM is scalable. It works for enterprises of all sizes and of all types: small companies (under $10 million in revenue) all the way up to Fortune 50 companies with several hundred users.

The Adept PDM product is sold directly by Synergis and also through its business partner network. It is priced and licensed on a per-concurrent-user basis. Companies can buy any number of concurrent licenses, based on the number of users and the amount of system use that they anticipate. As an example, if a company has 200 concurrent licenses, the licenses may be available to 200 or 300 or 400 people, depending on the usage pattern.

Synergis also offers the Adept Software Maintenance program at additional cost that features unlimited telephone, email and Web support, and access to the latest software upgrades and updates to the products you have on an active maintenance plan -- as well as planning, implementation and training services. As part of implementation, Adept begins by training the system administrators on the PLM tool. This is then followed by implementation planning and design. Once both steps are complete, Adept engineers either work with together with the new client on system configuration or provide a full system configuration that is delivered to the client turnkey.

After Adept PDM is implemented, Synergis offers two different Annual Proactive Services programs that complement the Adept Annual Maintenance Program that clients can optionally subscribe to: the Adept System Health Check and the Adept Annual Prepaid Flexible Services Program. The Adept Annual System Health Check is the best way to ensure your enterprise data and document management is running optimally. It also verifies that Adept backup and disaster recovery procedures are effective. The Adept Annual Prepaid Flexible Services is an affordable approach to budgeting for and utilizing Adept services to best advantage.

Synergis does not offer a free trial version of Adept, but it does provide a pilot program that enables companies to learn about the PLM tool in a sandbox environment with guidance from Adept experts.

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